Meet the Team

Tracy Bryce

Tracy Bryce - Owner

Tracy has visited over 20 countries, experiencing many different cultures and discovering the beauty of nature around the world.

Her wild and spirited soul brought her to Maui where she immediately planted her roots finding the Aloha way.

Since on Maui Tracy has volunteered with Maui Pacific Whale Foundation, Hawaii Family Programs, and Island Hospice. She has developed an organic farm in Haiku with it's numerous fruit trees and gardens. It has been a beautiful home for many adventurers alike.

Tracy has been exploring the many wonders of this island for 13 years and would love to share the experience with you.

Michael Lee

Manakai - Volunteer / guide

Aloha is a way of living and treating each other with love and respect~

Manakai found his passion for guiding tours in the Andes mountains of Peru. He began leading tours through the Amazon Jungle reconnecting people to the land and their true nature. He spent many years exploring sacred sites, living with indigenous cultures and volunteering with global humanitarian projects.

Manakai is a core fitness coach and intuitive healer. From studying books as a school teacher and coach to studying the language of plants in the wild Manakai has many gifts to share. Manakai greatest heart's desire is to reconnect people to the spirit of Aloha.

Kelsey Stewart

Kelsey Stewart

My love for the outdoors is contagious and meeting new people from all around the world is truly a privilege! Maui is my home and is a very special place indeed. I am lucky enough to get to explore this tropical paradise on a daily basis. I have had years of experience in the tourism industry and lots of amazing adventures. I love what I do and want your experience on Maui to be extraordinary! I guarantee memories that will last a lifetime! I look forward to exceeding your expectations of one of the greatest tours available on Maui.

Kelsey Stewart

Keone John Kneisler

Keone John Kneisler has lived on Maui for 8 years and has been leading tours for over 3 years. Keone has a Master’s degree in Education and Consultation with a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences. With this education, Keone shares a rich understanding about the plants and animals of Maui and the history of the Hawaiian people. He enjoys taking his tour groups to beautiful waterfalls, beaches and hikes to create a day of wonder and adventure. Keone has a calm demeanor, a good sense of humor. He creates a safe and playful day of discovering the beauty of Maui with his guests.

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